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Eliminating Pests
Spritzer method - Mist the undersides regarding the foliage; this discourages spider mite populations. However, be sure you don't over-wet the soil from misting the leaves. We suggest employing a spritzer on a daily foundation for a week. It has proven to be an effective technique to keep spider mites in order. Neem Oil - Neem is just a normal pest control that's also the ideal choice for adeniums. It really works by smothering the bugs. Predatory mites - Predatory mites, Amblyceius californicus, work very well under dry conditions. But, Amblyceius californicus is slow working and is just appropriate a tiny mite infestation.

Root Condition
Root condition is life-threatening for adeniums. If the caudex gets soft, the plant may perish. The bacteria and fungi that cause root conditions enter the plant mostly from over watering or drainage that is poor. Allow the soil dry out between waterings, and keep dry, well-drained soil, just like their native habitat, particularly through the cooler winter months to prevent root problems.
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A porous container material is better than a nonporous material for better air circulation to the roots. Because of this, many experts recommend using terra-cotta containers in the place of plastic people, and the shallow terra-cotta bowl makes a good presentation. Well made wood planters may additionally be considered a good idea.

Another interesting option could be unique, do-it-yourself containers fashioned from hypertufa, a lightweight, durable, porous product you are able to mix up your self making use of tangible, sand and peat moss or coco coir. Take a look at this Hypertufa recipe.

Regarding planter shape, low, wide planters and containers are preferable to high, thin ones. A lower life expectancy, wider container will encourage the roots to spread and offer a far more base that is stable the plant.

The root structure will be more carrot shaped and not provide much stability if you plant an adenium in a tall, thin container. This could be an advantage if you aspire to develop a dense, attractive caudex.

You are able to start an Adenium cutting in a tall, thin container and then transplant it later into a brief, squat container making a large amount of the interesting root exposed. Here’s a video clip that presents you the way!
Movie: Adenium Transplanting – Bonsai style
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